Libraries are Sacred time machines where knowledge flows and magic is eternal

The School Library and Reading Room is well stocked with books and periodicals, dealing in diverse topics of interest specially suited for students. It is expected that every student must try to take maximum advantage of the facility in the Library in advancing their academic records.

1. Books from the library is issued to students during library period and only one book is issued at a time.

2. Books are issued to the borrower only and hence no interchange amoung classmates is permitted.

3. The borrower will be held responsible for the damages to the books while in his/ her custody and in case of loss, full replacement value will be charged.

4. For more details and other rules the decision of the Principal shall be applied in each case.

S.No. Facilities Information
1 Size Of Library In Sq.Feet 36 x 22=792
2 No. Of Periodicals 10
3 No. Of Dailies 06
4 No. Of Reference Books(Class-Wise) 575
5 No. Of Magazine 10
6 Others -