Academic Calender

Assembly Calender Weekly Topics

March Week 3 XII MED. New Beginnings, New Targets
Week 4 XII N.MED. Discipline / Concentration / Punctuality
April Week 1 XII COM.A Sports Development - Promoting Peace and Erasing Cultural Barriers
Week 2 XII COM.B Holy Week - Prayer
Week 3 XI MED. World Creativity and Innovation Week
Week 4 XI. N.MED. Earth / Environmental Awareness
Week 5 XI COM. A Health Awareness / Immunization
May Week 1 XI.COM. B Freedom to Express
Week 2 X A Relations Building
Week 3 X B Focus and Concentration
Week 4 X C Exams Stress / Preparation
June All Weeks X D Summer Vacation
July Week 1 IX A Summer Vacation
Week 2 IX B Skill Developments
Week 3 IX C Emotions
Week 4 IX D Solidarity
August Week 1 VIII A Friendship
Week 2 VIII B Indian Independence/ I love my India
Week 3 VIII C Humanity or Random acts of Kindness
Week 4 VIII D Awakening - Meditation and Calmness
September Week 1 VIII E Importance of Education - Good Values
Week 2 VII A Importance of Clean and Safe Environment
Week 3 VII B Tourism - Cultural Heritage and Bondage
Week 4 VII C Importance of Peace
October Week 1 VII D Non - Violence
Week 2 VII E Importance Of Mental Health
Week 3 VI A Quality Social Services- Awareness Week to Act Together to End Poverty
Week 4 VI B Importance of Development of Information
November Week 1 VI C Science -a boon to the humanity
Week 2 VI D Children`s rights and protection against exploitation
Week 3 VI E Chemical warfare and its effects
Week 4 V A Stay Fit
December Week 1 V B AIDS awareness
Week 2 V C Helping And Sharing
Week 3 V D Joy of Giving Week
January Week 1 V E Self- Awareness / Inculcating Core Personal Values
Week 2 IV A Road Safety
Week 3 IV B Safer Internet
Week 4 IV C Constitution of India
February Week 1 IV D Say No to Animal Cruelty
Week 2 IV E Importance of Examinations in a Students Life

Calender 2020-21

Mar-16 Inaugral Prayer Service
Apr-08 Investiture Ceremony
May-02 May Day Celebration
May 18 to May23 Periodic Test 1
Jul-25 Sacred Heart Feast Day
Aug-14 Independence Day Celebration
Sep-05 Teacher's Day celebration and Principal's Feast Day
Sep 9 to Sep 26 Mid Term Exams.
Oct-31 Exhibition cum fete
Nov-21 Annual Sports Athletic Meet
Dec 1 to Dec 8 Periodic Test 2
Dec-11 Director's Feast Day
Dec-22 Christmas Celebration
Dec-23 Christmas Carnival
Jan-25 Annual Prize Distribution Function and Republic Day celebration
Feb 9 to Feb 27 Annual Exams

1 28-Mar
2 25-Apr
3 30-May
4 25-Jul
5 29-Aug
6 10-Oct.
7 28-Nov.
8 12-Dec.
9 30-Jan-21

1 13.07.2020 After summer vacations
2 28.09.2020 after Sep.Exams
3 4.01.2021 after Christmas Holidays

Date Tentative Activity planner
Apr-16 Character Portrayal (IX-XII)
Apr-17 Spell Bee( Class-II )
Apr-20 Telephonic Conversation(Class-III)
Apr-22 Turn Coat (VI-VIII)
Apr-24 Fun with Art (II-XII)
Apr-27 Admaniacs (IV-V)
May-04 Pick and Speak (II-III)
May-05 Video Presentation ( IX-XII )
May-06 Innovative Hands (IX-XII)
Jun-01 Summer Camp
Jul-17 Tapping Feet (Class II)
Jul-20 Semi classical Dance (IX-X)
Jul-21 Dance Hub (IV-V)
Jul-23 Rhythmic Moves (VI-VIII)
Jul-27 Tapping Feet (Class III)
Jul-28 Ted Talk (IX-XII)
Aug-03 Cut and Paste (II-III),Craft Comp.(VI-VIII)
Aug-05 Innovative Hands (IV-V)
Aug-06 Intellectual Quizzer (VI-VIII)
Aug-07 Hotspot Quiz (II-III)
Aug-10 Hotspot Quiz (IV-V)
Aug-14 Street Play (IV-XII)
Aug-18 Music Masti (Class II )
Aug-21 Music Masti (Class III)